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Why Do We Go Through a Crisis?

Nov 09, 2019

Did you ever stop to wonder about why we go through a crisis? 

The reason we go through a crisis is because a purge of energy is happening.

Our Higher Selves are purging energy that doesn't serve us.

In other words, a crisis is a way of Higher Self communication - it's consciousness talking, or a language of consciousness, if you will.

It tells us we are not on track in a specific are of life, or in our thought patterns.

Because we've been off-track in our actions and our thinking, we've accumulated unwanted energy. 

When we have stagnant energy that doesn't serve us, it can be installed in our bodies, in our professional lives, financial life, friendships, love relationships, families or even with ourselves.

We get off-track in terms of achievement, fulfillment and in just being who we truly are.

To go straight to the point,

the reason we go through a crisis is because on some level we are living an inauthentic life or situation.

A crisis can be a purge in the body, and if that's the case, I suggest you locate the area of the body you are feeling pain, discomfort or a symptom, and look at the  the Hindu Chakras System to find out the corresponding area (to learn more about this, check out Chapter 5 of the book The Cardinal Method of Life Connection).

If you do this, it will make sense and you will get more clarity of why you're going through whatever challenge it is, because you will understand what kind of emotion is causing your problem.

Emotions correspond to specific areas in the body that are governed by a specific Chakra.

Specific emotions are the underlying energies behind symptoms and pain.

So if you're in discomfort, investigate your emotions.

I'll give you an example.

The Root Chakra is in the coccyx area, connected to the very lower part of our spine.

Emotinally, the Root Chakra is imbalanced by fear.

Physically, if you have anything going on in your urinary system or lower back, specifically the coccyx area or the hips, make sure you observe your emotions and ask yourself in meditation,

what am I afraid of?

The symptom is your body purging whatever stagnant emotion, unfinished business or unsolved issue you're going through.

In the long run, stagnant emotions that stay in our bodies are really resistance to the flow of life.

And more often than not, whenever we have symptoms, chronic pain or chronic disease, it has to do with our resistance to the calling of the Higher Self.

So in our inner world, a specific aspect of your psyche may react to the calling of the Higher Self. 

And who reacts to happiness, fulfillment and being? Who reacts to us becoming our  best potential? The wounded inner child and the controlling ego.

It's always one of the of the two.

It's common for these aspects of the psyche to put up a huge fight when you want to create positive change in your life. They do not want to give up their ruling position. 

But when the inner child is in charge, we depend on others. And when the controlling ego is in charge, we become self-centered, competitive, mistrusting, and believe in the illusion that we're better than other people. We create separation and unhappiness for ourselves and others.

When you want to live from the perspective of the Higher Self, if the Higher Self is not in the driver's seat of your life, either the ego is driving or the inner child is.

and the most fascinating thing about it is that in some areas of life, the wounded inner child is in the driver's seat - for example, when the person is financially  or emotionally  unstable. Inner child behavior is when we are dependent on something we shouldn't be as adult human beings. When you behave like a child in some area of life. 

And in some other area of life, that same person's ego may be in the driver's seat.  Ego control is exactly what the word means. You are controlling something and you're also creating separation, unhealthy isolation, competition, comparison and unhappiness.

The wounded inner child wants to depend on others for nurturing, and is not self-sufficient or resourceful in one or more areas of life.  And the ego, on the other end of the spectrum, is too independent, does not cooperate, and sees everybody as a threat to its "power". 

So when the inner child feels somebody as a threat to him or her, the inner child feels afraid, victim-like, and recoils. And when the ego see someone as a threat, it becomes competitive and creates a power struggle.

So there are different types of reaction in this consciousness of separation. And that consciousness of separation is the opposite of what your Higher Self wants for you.

Your Higher Self will always encourage you to be independent and resourceful, because you're an adult and not a child anymore.

And it also encourages you to be cooperative, create community, to be loving and to embrace others in a healthy way, which is something the healthy ego allows, but that the controlling ego rejects.

Allow this to sink in, and understand that when you go through a crisis, you are resisting your Higher Self calling and your body is used as a language of consciousness. For example, a financial crisis means you're either making money out of something you don't really love and it doesn't fulfill you.

Or you could be making more in another activity.

Or you resist your calling and you don't allow it to be your infinite source of abundance. 

And when it comes to your emotional life, friendships and romantic relationships, you can pay very close attention to this. Your intuition will tell you who is right for you, or what is the place and size of each person in your life. What is the role of the person in your life path?

Maybe you have a romantic relationship with a person that, from a Higher Self perspective, is really meant to be a friend and not your lover. Or the opposite may be true - maybe you're friends with someone who you love romantically.

So it really is about aligning your life with your truth. Aligning your life with your Higher Self perspective.

And I promise you - once you do this, you will not have crises to a very dramatic extent.

I'm not saying you will stop having problems. However, you will have higher levels of problems, "better" types of problems.

Challenges in the sense of expansion, and not in the sense of contraction.

And these are two very different types of problems - the ones that bring you to a lower vibration and that contract your life, and the problems that are actually challenges that invite you for an experience of expansion, growth, and especially courage, because going through a crisis means you are being asked to move forward and leap into whatever it is that scares you.

And the moment you do that, you'll realize that it is not as bad as you think.

Facing a crisis and facing pain, going through it instead of avoiding it, is a lot better than we think.

Avoiding pain will not only perpetuate the problem, but will also stagnate your soul and not allow your Higher Self to expand.

And this is what I wanted to share with you today! hope it brings good food for thought to your life.

Thank you so much for being here! I truly appreciate your presence in our journey, and look forward to seeing you soon! 

Much love,



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