How Do We Block the Best of Life?

Uncategorized Nov 02, 2019

Did you ever stop to wonder about how we block the best of life?

You know, we're not victims to the blockages.

Nothing is done to us from the outside.

Whenever we have "not-so-great" experiences or go through turmoil, it is because we are creating unconscious, subconscious or sometimes even conscious blockages to the best of life.

So the approach here is to connect to abundance and fulfillment, and the fact that the best of life is always available for us...

but we create blockages.

We create walls that do not allow us to tap into, flow and enjoy this amazing life connection.

And this happens because our culture, inherited belief systems and personal thought patterns and other internalized mechanisms block the best of life.

These obstacles or blockages are very familiar to us, and some of us have some idea of how powerful they are, but most of us really do not.

Even if we do a lot of inner work and really dedicate ourselves to personal growth, we need to be aware...

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Make Peace with Your Fear

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2019

Did you ever wonder about how you can make peace with your fear?

What are we afraid of, anyway?

Talking about fear in general can go on for hours, and it has to do with specific energies in our bodies and minds. If you want to dig deeper into this topic, go here.

What I want to focus on today is are three specific types of fear that are universals of the human experience.

The fear of death.

The fear of our own unconscious mind.

And the fear of intimate love with a significant other.

I notice a lot of people have a predominant fear - one or two of the three.

People who are afraid of death tend to be a little hypochondriac, they are very focused on their health, and often identified with the disease when they get sick or have a chronic condition.

Because the fear of death is so paralyzing, it has to do with attachment to the physical world and a materialistic mindset. It's about believing our physical world is all there is.

Even in a very small percentage of people who are...

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Consciousness Is Not Enough

Uncategorized Oct 19, 2019

Did you ever stop to think about how consciousness is a huge step into personal development - but it is not enough?

Consciousness is important, but insufficient if you want to create lasting changes and expansion in your life.

If we don't take action, consciousness not enough.

Inspired action is.

Inspired action is effective when we know what we have to change in our lifestyle and our thinking in order to create the life we want.

Changing our thinking and changing habits is not easy, and on its own it's already a huge task.

When we are changing our thinking in our conscious minds but not taking action, it means we're not changing our thinking in the unconscious or subconscious mind.

What does this mean?

Let's start with the levels of consciousness.

There are three: the conscious mind, which is 10% to 3% of our minds. It's rational and always wants the best for us.

The remaining percentage of the mind corresponds to the subconscious mind, which is where our ...

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Release Superstitions

Uncategorized Oct 12, 2019

Did you ever stop to wonder about superstitious beliefs regarding our ancestors, our past lives and our karma?

And that a lot of our understanding and concepts about these things may be amplified and distorted by superstitious beliefs?

As you probably know if you've been following my videos for a while, been in my courses and at Ranova, you know that I do not like superstitious thinking.

It is a fear-based mentality.

Superstition is a huge blockage and an obstacle to the evolution of humanity.

And the sad thing is that superstition blocks our minds and for many, many years, decades and centuries, superstition has been associated with spirituality.

Believing in things that our senses cannot grasp is not superstitious, but this can get confusing if we don't dive deeper into it.

When we know that subtle and non-manifested reality is reality regardless. We can develop this understanding with our consciousness expansion and with the help of a sharp mind.

Superstition, on...

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Life Script vs. Sacred Path

Uncategorized Oct 05, 2019

What's the difference between a "life script" and your Sacred Path?

Did you ever stop to think about this?

A "life script" is when we live by specific patterns that are inherited by social values, and - pay attention to this - by

what other people think it's best for us.

This is very common between parents and children, because parents want the best for their kids, of course, but often they guide their children to follow a specific path that they believe is the best for the child, without realizing that maybe the child has other plans.

Parents do this out of love.

And children unconsciously follow these life scripts for love as well, often not realizing unconscious loyalty costs their own happiness and well-being.

And often people just “obey parents” on the unconscious level, even after they've become adults.


As human beings, we have three basic levels of consciousness:

the deep unconscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the conscious mind.

As ...

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Instant Gratification

Uncategorized Sep 27, 2019

Did you ever stop to wonder about the source of instant gratifications?

What about their consequences?

And on a deeper level, have you ever associated Inner Child and Ego gratifications and compared them to Higher Self fulfillment?

As you can probably tell, they are very different in nature, and bring different consequences too.

In reality, we're talking talk about three different types of pleasure here.

The first is Inner child gratification, which is more oriented to having fun no matter what.

The second is Ego gratification, which is more oriented to power and control, and

Higher Self fulfillment, which may sometimes require sacrificing instant gratifications in order to create long-term happiness and joy.

If you're familiar with the work we develop at Ranova and with the Cardinal Method of Life Connection, the Inner Child and the Ego are aspects of our psyches that are binary.

They are dualistic.

We have a healthy Inner Child in a healthy Ego and a wounded aspect of...

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Higher Self Connection

Uncategorized Sep 21, 2019

Hi, today we're going to talk about the Higher Self. What is a Higher Self anyway?

It's God within.

The Higher Self is the Higher Light and Higher Consciousness that brings us Peace, Love and Joy without having to "do" anything. It is the bliss of just being who we are.

When we talk about aspects of the psyche, I've outlined four major individual references. I say "individual" because we also have collective aspects of the psyche, such as our internalized family members (how we see our mother, our father, and our siblings, for instance) and the most important archetypes of humanity (such as the hero, the warrior, the mother, and hundreds of others) .

On the intimate level of our inner world, regarding who we are as individuals, we have four major aspects of the psyche

the Inner Child, the Ego, the Real Self and the Higher Self.

I explain about all this in detail in my book Your Cardinal Connections, so if you like this subject, I suggest you check it...

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Do You Respect or Abuse Your Money?

Uncategorized Sep 14, 2019

Have you ever stopped to think about how you treat your money?

Do you respect or abuse it?

It may seem strange, but there really is a crossroad here. People who respect money tend to have a good relationship with it, of course.

And people who abuse money may not do it consciously, and clearly do not have a good relationship with it, though they often don't have the awareness.

But what does it mean to "abuse" money?

For example, we abuse our money when we do not charge enough for our services, so

undercharging is a way to abuse your money.

When we do not claim our money, when somebody doesn't pay us, and we don't honor that and ask to be paid because we're too proud or too aloof is another example. Some people just don't get paid, and

when people who don't pay vanish, and the people who don't get paid don't claim it, it's a disempowering attitude that also abuses money.

Another way to abuse money is when we don't understand how it works. 

As adults, we cannot...

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Blaming Others is the Easiest Way to Remain a Child

Uncategorized Sep 07, 2019

Did you ever stop to think about how blaming other people for our misfortunes is the easiest subconscious way to remain in child mode?

On the other hand, taking full responsibility for who you are and not playing the blame game is one of the most powerful mental attitudes we can decide to take - and it turns most people into adults.

I know we don't do this on purpose, but you'd be surprised to see how many people playing the blame game walk into Ranova, complaining about life until they choose to try another perspective.

And when they do, their whole life changes.

Most of us do not do this consciously, of course. But even when we complain about other people, we're still doing it  :-(

There is a way to start acting differently. It starts with paying attention to our thoughts, feelings and words that come out of our mouths.

Paying attention is a really good start.

You can be your own guide or coach, and whenever you catch yourself blaming other people for...

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3 Reasons Why Women Hold Themselves Back

Uncategorized Aug 30, 2019

Did you ever stop to think why

women hold themselves back when it comes to their personal power?

In my practice I've observed three important reasons that seem to cut across age groups, nationalities, and economic status, because when it comes to our free will, desires, dreams, and pursuing our happiness, many times specific groups seem to share common ground.

The first reason I observe is collective, and external.

It's culture.

Women in our western culture are bombarded with specific values that have conditioned us.

It's a habitual thing in the collective unconscious of our culture to hold ourselves back, to be content in the private life, not really have a public life, not really speak up, and sacrifice ourselves in the name of others.

I know a lot of this has changed, but there's still so much ground to cover and so much

change still needs to happen.

I'm not saying we should not be altruistic and care for others and serve the highest good, but it is...

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